Adding effects and designs to your ice

Here are a few ideas to experiment with to add affects to your ice:


  • Fill the IceRite mold only 1/4 of the way with a single color of juice or other drink and freeze it. Then add another 1/4 of another color and freeze it. Do this until the IceRite mold is filled with a variety of colors, shades, or flavors.
  • Fill one half of the IceRite mold with one flavor and freeze it, then top of the other half with a complimentary flavor, such as peaches/cream, strawberry/chocolate, lemon/lime.
  • Add small pieces of fruit to the IceRite molds.
  • Fill the IceRite mold with water or juice and place it in the freezer. Before it is fully frozen, remove the IceRite mold and add a small drop of food coloring and place it back in the freezer. This will create very nice looking swirls.

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