Soju and Juice Cocktail Recipe

iceball4How’s this for a signature cocktail? A popular sushi restaurant in LA serves a similar cocktail to this and I LOVE it! I finally decided to recreate them so I can serve something different at parties. It’s perfect for any event and versatile in terms of what liquor and juice you can to use. The best part is that you can do all of the preparing before your event, so the day of the party you’ll only have two steps: Drop an ice ball into a cup and add some Soju! So easy ; ) The juice ball melts gradually adding a delicious flavor into the Soju. Soju is a Korean liquor similar in taste to vodka… a little lighter and sweeter than vodka, and it reminds me of Sake a bit. You can buy it at most liquor stores, such as Bevmo. I got my ice ball molds from here and they’re simply amazing for juice or even water. Read below for the how-to : ) ENJOY!!

Soju-Juice Cocktail
To make the ice balls, I used fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice and orange juice. I also made a pomegranate one using natural pomegranate juice from the store. You can use any juice you want… fresh or not. Then you freeze the balls overnight and pour some Soju on top when you make the drink! It’s so simple.

Quick Tip: Leave some room because the juice expands as it freezes. If you want to serve them at a party start early in the week and make several different flavors and then you can place them on a bucket of ice for people to grab.

CREDIT: Sugar and Charm


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